Antelope Reflector

After forming in 2001, Antelope took six years to release Reflector, their debut full-length. Featuring Bee Elvy and Mike Andre, unsung heroes from Washington, DC’s Vertebrates, and former El Guapo/Supersystem guitarist Justin Moyer, the members’ previous work has been massively influential in the current post-punk movement. However, those expecting some sort of angular dance punk explosion should look elsewhere, as Reflector is a more controlled effort. One factor that stands out is the record’s warm, familiar production, which is as valuable as the music itself. Adeptly handled by Ian Mackaye and Don Zientara at the Dischord House, the stripped-down aesthetic lets the songs breathe and invites repeated listens. From the opening self-titled track through to the repeated melody of "Collective Dream,” the listener is awarded a charming section of warm bass and cosy snare hits that add a human element to the record’s rhythmic post-punk. Even "Justin Jesus,” with its heavier vocal delivery, retains the organic tone of the album. Characterised by careful dynamics and measured simplicity, Antelope display maturity in their artistic vision that’s on par with the best from the DC post-punk movement. For that reason, Reflector is a perfect addition to the legendary Dischord canon. (Dischord)