Antelope Reflector

Antelope utilise repetition in song forms with artful purpose and their first full-length for Dischord Records features some impossibly infectious music. The trio of Mike Andre, Bee Elvy and Justin Moyer know a good idea when they hear one and, once they’ve harnessed a guitar lick or rhythmic feel in a composition, they barely ever stray from it. It’s a mechanical and minimal approach on one hand but, on the other, Antelope are essentially a pop band following the trail of sardonic politicking left behind by Devo. The trio are clearly making pointed statements on "Dead Eye” and "Mirroring” but their conviction is not as clear lyrically as it is in their vocal delivery, which is somehow both robotic and impassioned. They almost make light of this on the Minutemen-inspired "Contraction,” whose bouncy funk arrangement belies a sobering message about control. Traces of early Sonic Youth are present on "Justin Jesus,” while "Flower” represents the calm before a Mission of Burma storm. In a very real sense though, Antelope are on to a new form of militant pop, sussing out the essence of music and messages, and presenting it plainly and simply over ten compelling songs. (Dischord)