Another Woman Speaks Out Against R. Kelly's "Cult": "They're Completely Manipulated and Brainwashed"

"It's just bizarre. It's unlike anything I've seen before honestly"
Another Woman Speaks Out Against R. Kelly's 'Cult': 'They're Completely Manipulated and Brainwashed'
Earlier this week, R. Kelly was accused of holding women captive in an abusive "cult," as outlined in an investigative piece published by BuzzFeed. Kelly's camp has denied the accusations, while one of the women allegedly being held captive spoke out against the claims. Now, another alleged member of the R&B star's entourage has revealed more about what goes on within his inner circle.

Jezebel has published a new interview with a woman who claims the other women involved with Kelly are "completely manipulated and brainwashed." Speaking to the site under the mononym "Kim," the woman confirmed details in the BuzzFeed story pertaining to Kelly's psychological and sexual control over five or six different women, in addition to recording sexual encounters and subjecting them to a strict behavioural code.

Kim revealed that her own relationship with Kelly was nowhere near as restricting, with Jezebel reporting that she was older than most of the other women, had no aspirations of an industry career and was white. Kim noted that while she never witnessed Kelly use violence or force himself onto any of the women, he remained incredibly controlling.

"He never makes threats," she told the site. "But the girls are so eager to do whatever he wants. He'll wake us out of a dead sleep and say to this girl, 'Suck my dick,' or to these two girls, 'Kiss on each other,' and immediately without thought they jump right to it. It's just bizarre. It's unlike anything I've seen before honestly."

Jezebel published one account from Kim of Kelly filming his sexual encounters as follows:

Kim said that she and the girl were instructed by Kelly to "take off your clothes and act like you miss each other." He got out his iPad and started filming, she said, but was dissatisfied by the 19-year-old's performance. He told Kim to sit on the couch and took the 19-year-old into another room. Twenty minutes later, he called Kim in. Kim knocked in the proper way, then walked in to find the younger girl nude except for one of Kelly's bigger pieces of jewelry, a heavy chain.

"He had his iPad recording and she was naked except for a big chain and she was running laps from one end of the room to the other," Kim remembers. "She was running laps around the room and apologizing. She kept saying, 'I've been bad, I'm sorry Daddy,' shit like that. And I'm standing there and she starts apologizing to me."

Kim said she told her it was all right, but Kelly cut her off. The younger girl continued in tears, she said, telling her, "I know I have to do what Daddy says, I have to act like I miss you more, I wasn't getting into it."

Speaking with Jezebel, Kelly's representatives denied the allegations against him. You can read their entire interview with "Kim" here.

UPDATE (7/19, 5:20 p.m. EDT): A new petition has now launched to get Sony to drop R. Kelly. "We must not let habitual abusers float above justice simply because they are rich and famous," the Care2 petition reads. "Let's work together to turn R. Kelly into a symbol for victim's rights, reminding abusers everywhere that no one is untouchable." You can check it out and sign it if you so desire over here.