Animal Collective's ODDSAC Set for DVD Release

Animal Collective's <i>ODDSAC</i> Set for DVD Release
Before they got all metropolitan and took to New York's Guggenheim Museum to present their massive, Danny Perez-aided installation Transverse Temporal Gyrus, Animal Collective had a musical film ("visual album") called ODDSAC, which had, according to the band's Avey Tare, "more song-y moments and more ambient-textures moments, but all kind of tied together." Now, that visual album is getting released on DVD.

ODDSAC will hit North American shelves June 29, and will feature bonus content that has yet to be identified. Prior to its release, the film will be screened in six American cities, with director Danny Perez and members of the band in attendance.

Yep, sorry, Canada, no theatre action for you.

ODDSAC screenings:

3/17 Chicago IL - Music Box Theatre
3/20 Minneapolis MN - The Cedar
3/22 Los Angeles CA - ArcLight Cinerama Dome
3/25 San Francisco CA - Sundance Kabuki Cinemas
3/29 Portland OR - Cinema 21
3/30 Seattle WA - The Egyptian Theatre