Animal Collective "New Town Burnout" (Shabazz Palaces remix)

Animal Collective 'New Town Burnout' (Shabazz Palaces remix)
As previously reported, pop experimenters Animal Collective are letting some pals flip the script on some recent songs on the Monkey Been to Burn Town remix EP, which arrives May 28 via Domino. A few weeks ahead of the official release, they've unveiled Seattle hip-hop weirdoes Shabazz Palaces' redo of Centipede Hz track "New Town Burnout."

The tropical tension of the original has been toned down, with Shabazz Palaces instead bringing muted dub rhythms and '80s breaks to the table. While Panda Bear's ultra-floaty vocal melodies are all but absent on the spit-shine, Palaceer Lazaro loads the wavy reinterpretation with some new rhymes.

You can stream the remix down below.