Anekdoten Gravity

Well, it’s off the beaten path for me these days, but it’s a bit like Cave In’s Jupiter, which I spent a day or two obsessing over a few years back, and Pink Floyd, which I spent a decade or so obsessing over while younger. So I spent some time in the afternoon with Sweden’s Anekdoten the other day, while having tea (no shit!). And while this is one nerdy band (progfest heroes, etc.), there’s no denying the qualities of the lush melodies these three guys and one gal create. Beautiful acoustics and soaring heavier riffs took me away into some great daydreams while this was playing. The band doesn’t spend a lot of time in technical meltdown mode, or obsessing over strange time signatures; rather, their prog, like mid/late-era Floyd, is all in the subtleties. Like all prog, I wish there was no singer involved, of course, but tune that out and let the neat rhythms, repetitive grooves and nice melodies do their magic. And stop calling me a hippy. (Stickman)