Andy Kim Gets Kevin Drew, Ron Sexsmith, Ohad Benchetrit for New LP

Andy Kim Gets Kevin Drew, Ron Sexsmith, Ohad Benchetrit for New LP
Veteran Canadian pop songwriter Andy Kim is best known for co-writing the '60s hit "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies, but these days he's been teaming up with some members of Broken Social Scene. Continuing on with that partnership, his album It's Decided will be out on February 24 through Arts & Crafts.

Kim co-wrote and produced the album alongside Kevin Drew, Ohad Benchetrit (Do Make Say Think) and Dave Hamelin (the Stills, Eight and a Half). Additional contributions come from John McEntire (of Tortoise), Ron Sexsmith (who Kim helped toast at a tribute concert), Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies, Rheostatics), and Derek Downham (the Beauties).

According to a press release, the song "Who Came First" was "rewritten from the Broken Social Scene archives" and apparently "shuffles upward with that familiar Broken sound of low, syncopated saxophone."

In regards to the album, Drew said in a statement that it's "Andy's heartfelt want to still make it even though many would say his history is enough."

Below, scroll past the tracklist to listen to a new recording of the decades-old track "Shoot 'Em Up Baby." It begins with the original version of the 1968 ditty before transforming into something more grandiose and elegiac.

It's Decided:

1. Sister OK
2. Why Can't I
3. It's Emotional
4. Shoot 'Em Up, Baby
5. Sail On
6. Heaven Without a Gun
7. (I've) Been Here Before
8. Longest Time
9. Forest Green
10. Who Came First