Andrew Bird "Give It Away" (video)

Andrew Bird 'Give It Away' (video)
Gentle indie tunesmith Andrew Bird is back with a slightly disturbing yet ultimately heartwarming new clip for his next Break It Yourself single, "Give It Away." Presenting both dark and light aspects of the backyard kids party circuit, the video can be seen down below.

The cutesy clip first finds a gaggle of grade-schoolers staring up confusedly at a brightly coloured, papier-mâché-covered entertainer. Once the kids clue in to the fact that he's a treat-giving piñata man, they giggle and gladly accept some of the dude's nose candy.

Things get a little intense as he invites one tyke to crush his sternum with a bat, but the finale takes an upswing when the kids give something back to their fallen gifter's treasure chest.