Anchoress Reveal 'Crime' EP, Stream New Track

Anchoress Reveal 'Crime' EP, Stream New Track
Coming off the 2013 release of Anchoress's Set Sail full-length, the Vancouver hardcore unit have unveiled plans to issue a pair of bite-sized efforts in 2014. The group's Crime EP comes first and will be issued digitally February 4 through Defiled Under: Music.

A press release explains that the six-song effort dug into the band's family history, with vocalist Rob Hoover using his great grandfather as the inspiration behind first single "The Rumrunner Blues."

"In my parents' house, my mom has the front-page clipping from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, back in, I think April of 1930," the singer explained of the true-crime setting in a statement. "It's basically this account of how the Coast Guard had a run-in with a rumrunner, and how they fired shots at him, but he got away."

You can hear Hoover sound off on shots fired over the rest of the group's blend of bendy, Southern-styled hard rock licks and sledgehammer drum hits via the player down below.

As for the rest of the set, Hoover added that the EP is "a stylized sojourn through some of the darkness that covers our lives" that weighs in on a series of heavy themes close to the group.

He continued: "It's about the inevitability of destruction and the equally inevitable reconstruction. It's about drug addiction and our damaged environment. It's about dealing with situations that we can't understand while trying to stay sane. It's about the places we go when we can't and of course, it's about crime."

A second six-song EP is expected to arrive later in the year, though details on the follow-up release have yet to be delivered. The two releases will then be collected as a special vinyl release sometime in 2014.


1. Disaster Porn
2. Fangs
3. Break The Dam, Release The River
4. The Last Sailing Of The Miskatonic Mariner
5. Curtain Call
6. The Rumrunner Blues