Anchoress "She Devil" (video)

Anchoress 'She Devil' (video)
Vancouver metalcore unit Anchoress make things semi-formal in their new, buttoned-up vid for "She Devil." The clip, which you can see below, finds the vest-and-tie-sporting troupe playing the basement of a New Year's Eve beer blast in front of some likewise dolled-up partiers and foosball enthusiasts.

As for the song, which figures on the band's newly released Set Sail LP, it's apparently based upon a woman singer Rob Hoover knows. Truthfully, the tone of lines like "you can only fuck so many strangers" seems to be shaming the subject, but we'll let Hoover explain his side of the story via a band statement.

He writes:

"'She-Devil' is about a particular girl I know who has a very abrasive personality and insists on recounting bizarre sexual episodes to anyone in earshot. I'm all for a good raunchy tale from time to time, but not ALL the time. The egotistical smarm filling each of her stories doesn't make them any more tolerable either. The song is my jab at her."