Amerie "Gotta Work"

Amerie 'Gotta Work'
The hold-ups over the release of Amerie's follow-up to Touch (which contained that scorcher of a single, "1 Thing") are perplexing. Because I Love It is a damn hot R&B album, one of the better ones 2007 will hear, and it's getting cred all over the net thanks to the leak that emerged from its May 14th UK release date. Expected to hit shops here at the same time, the date then switched to July (for no given reason), and now the record has been given a tentative date of August 21, though who knows if that will stick. (Check out Idolator's great timeline devoted to the album's obstructions.) "Gotta Work" is the new single, which follows the bumpin'-but-slightly-inferior "Take Control." It finds Amerie going back to the frantic drum patterns that made "1 Thing" the best song of 2005. Featuring a snippet of Reuben Wilson's "Hold On, I'm Comin'," the horn/beat combo is electrifying, while Amerie's inspirational spit could bring consciousness to a 20-year coma.

Amerie "Gotta Work" (As you can see, the real promo has not leaked yet)