American Heritage Through The Age Of Quarrel And Into The Era Of Putting Up With I

In today's world of mainstream musical simplicity, one-hit wonders and fans with limited attention spans, there are two things a band can do to ensure that hatred and/or obscurity will soon be their bedfellows. First, play a bunch of crazy and complex tunes rife with technical fireworks and time changes and anti-riffing the likes of which are unheard on radio. Pretending that you're Stanford Prison Experiment or the Jesus Lizard playing Botch through the eyes of Godheadsilo will only have the masses ignoring you en masse. Second and the simplest way for the kiss of death to strike your band down, would be to eradicate all trace of vocals, in effect giving casual music fans, trendies and star fuckers nothing to latch onto and all the more reason to hate the technical din that surrounds. Not surprisingly, it's for these two reasons that this album will go unnoticed by the lot of you. For shame. (Troubleman)