American Hell 'The Great Dying' (album stream)

American Hell 'The Great Dying' (album stream)
It's Black Friday, and with holiday shoppers crushing each other to get a discount on a Xbox One or a really bitching BOGO special on slacks, what better day to premiere the new raging LP from metalcore devotees American Hell? The Niagara, ON outfit's new The Great Dying LP drops independently December 6, but you can stream the whole thing now via

The 12-song set was recorded at St. Catharines' One Ink Studios and features muscled-up grooves on crushing tracks like "Asebeia" and "Lies the Truth," while cuts like "Jerusalem Syndrome," which includes guest screams from Skynet's Blake Prince, mixes choppy metal scales with lead-thick mosh beats. "My Time With The Monster" had previously appeared on a demo, though this re-recorded version features guest vocals from Eaten By Sharks' Chris Chaperon.

You'll find those damaging tracks and more in the player down below.

American Hell's December 6 concert at Burlington's Boston Manor with Cancer Bats, as part of Burly Calling, will serve as the record release party. Also playing that night will be Rise Over Run, Partycat, Video Dead and A Sin for a Prayer.

UPDATE: This stream was available for one week only and is no longer available.