American Hardcore Banned From U.S. Prisons

<i>American Hardcore</i> Banned From U.S. Prisons
American Hardcore, Stephen Blush’s highly praised book documenting the rise of hardcore punk in the early '80s, was recently banned from being read in the prisons of Colorado. According to a post from Feral House, the book’s publisher, Colorado Department of Corrections Warden Kevin L. Milyard deemed the book inappropriate for inmates to read.

According to an official document that was forwarded to the publisher, the book "advocates for hatred of law enforcement and other races” and depicts strangulation, a hanging, and a stabbing.

The document adds, "This entire book is about violence and anarchy as a part of hardcore punk culture. This could antagonize and rile up the general population.”

The book was made into a movie by Paul Rachman in 2006.

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