Amebix, Voivod Members Unite as Tau Cross, Sign to Relapse for Debut LP

Amebix, Voivod Members Unite as Tau Cross, Sign to Relapse for Debut LP
Past and present members of Amebix, Voivod and more have united to form the international supergroup Tau Cross. Though a release date has yet to be cemented, the metal outfit's debut will be delivered through Relapse Records sometime this spring.

Press materials explain that the group was formed in 2013 by Amebix bassist/vocalist Rob Miller and Voivod skinsman Michel Langevin, along with guitarists Jon Misery (Misery) and Andy Lefton (War//Plague). Though details have yet to be delivered in full, the group recorded their first full-length over the course of 2014.

According to Miller, the band have a bit of the crusty Amebix flavour, but also blend in the influence of Joy Division, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. They also apparently dip into "industrial and hard fucking old-school punk."

"We decided to let the songs form themselves around the original demos and allow people to bring themselves into the mix, to allow the bark to grow around the tree," Miller said in a statement of putting the album together. "We are all very proud of what we have achieved in this short time and looking forward to working together again as soon as time allows."

At press time, the band have yet to share the upcoming LP's title, tracklisting and street date.

Though its members are spread out across Australia, North America and Europe, Miller noted that Tau Cross will be getting together to do some touring later in 2015.