Amadou 'Taga' Sidibe Wassoulou Foli

Artists like Tinariwen, Ali Farka Touré, Habib Koité, Boubacar Traoré (the list could fill this page) have solidified Mali's reputation as one of Africa's biggest exporters of game changing, crossover musicians. Reaching much deeper into the traditional music the country has to offer, independent record label Kanaga System Krush releases Wassoulou Foli, with drumming virtuoso Amadou 'Taga' Sidibe and friends, such as vocalist 'Tu' Sinayoko. Taga plays Sogonikun Djembe, which blends very complex drumming patterns with vocals. He's joined by a small group of other percussionists who provide a perfect backdrop for Tu's angelic voice. The album's stripped down sound may challenge the more passive listener, but the keenest of ears will hear the roots of funk, soul, jazz and hip-hop. Wassoulou Foli is a need-have for serious drummers, ethnomusicologists and beat-makers. This is a rare glimpse into a musical tradition virtually unheard outside of Mali. (Kanaga System Krush)