Alt-J "Hunger of the Pine"

Alt-J 'Hunger of the Pine'
This Is All Yours, the new album from UK indie unit Alt-J, doesn't arrive in full until the fall, but you can get a taste of what's to come right now via the recent unveiling of its "Hunger of the Pine."

The pillow-soft electronic pulse is produced up front, paired with vocalist Joe Newman's quiet detailing of a dream state and of lining his heart with chainmail. The track progresses into a fuller arrangement featuring dramatic string section swipes, rumbling brass work, garbage can snare clanks, French language lyrics and a sample of Miley Cyrus's "4x4."

You can feast your ears on Alt-J's new track down below, while the rest of the album arrives September 22 via Canvasback/Infectious Music. You can find out more about the band's upcoming North American tour over here.