All Saints Records Celebrates Its Past and Future with Comp Featuring Brian Eno, John Cale, Roedelius

All Saints Records Celebrates Its Past and Future with Comp Featuring Brian Eno, John Cale, Roedelius
It's been well over 20 years since All Saints Records launched as a spin-off of Brian Eno's Opal Records, and now the newly relaunched ambient label is celebrating its legacy with a two-disc compilation. Greater Lengths will come out on June 2 in collaboration with Warp Records.

The double-CD set features two distinct haves: Originals and Reworks. The Originals disc consists of tracks from throughout the label's history, while the Reworks features new version of past favourites.

Among the artists who contribute catalogue material here are Brian Eno, John Cale, Laraaji, John Paul Jones, Roedelius and Roger Eno. As for the artists who offer up reworkings, they include Sun Araw, Peaking Lights, patten, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Bee Mask and more. See the full tracklist below.

The compilation can be ordered here.

Additionally, All Saints will release four remix EPs on vinyl, each one focusing on a different act from the label. The artists who have their work reinterpreted are Laraaji, Roedelius, Jon Hassell and Harold Budd. The Laraaji remixes will come out on May 12, while the rest will follow on June 2.

There's also a triple-vinyl pressing of the prior Laraaji compilation Celestial Music 1978 - 2011 coming out on May 20.

Greater Lengths:

CD 1:

1. Roger Eno - "Amukidi"

2. Harold Budd - "Afar"

3. Brian Eno - "The River"

4. Roedelius - "South Of"

5. Brian Eno - "Markgraph"

6. Laraaji - "Deep Celestial"

7. Misha Mahlin/Lydia Theremin - "For Her Atoms"

8. John Paul Jones - "4 Minute Warning"

9. Brian Eno - "What Actually Happened?"

10. Jon Hassell - "Streetfaxx"

11. Audio Active & Laraaji - "New Laughter Mode (The Way In)"

12. Brian Eno & Jah Wobble - "Spinner"

13. John Cale - "The Soul of Carmen Miranda"

14. Djivan Gasparyan - "Tonight"

15. Roger Eno - "Emberdays"

16. Harold Budd - "Saint's Name Spoken"

CD 2 - Reworks:

1. Machinefabriek - "Moon Shines At Night" (Djivan Gasparyan)

2. James Blackshaw - "Between Tides" (Roger Eno)

3. Ela Orleans - "Kalimba" (Laraaji)

4. patten - "Mandan" (Harold Budd)

5. Sun Araw - "Tilturn" (Audio Active & Laraaji)

6. Peaking Lights - "Puente" (Roedelius)

7. Bee Mask - "A Cave In England" (Laraaji)

8. Bandshell - "Inversion" (Jon Hassell)

9. Personable - "Dark Star" (Harold Budd)

10. Hieroglyphic Being - "Remember" (Roedelius)

11. Gavin Russom - "Err" (Michael Brook)

12. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - "Space Choir" (Laraaji)

13. Odd Nosdam - "Feral" (Harold Budd)

Laraaji - Remixes:

A1. Cave (Bee Mask Remix)

A2. Kalimba (Ela Orleans Remix)
B1. Tilturn (Sun Araw Remix)

B2. Space (Motion Sickness of Time Travel Remix)

Jon Hassell - Remixes:

A1. Inversion (Bandshell Remix)

A2. Metal Fatigue (patten Remix)

B1. Ba-Ya Dub (No UFO's Remix)

B2. Elsewhere Is A Negative Mirror (Some Truths Remix)

Roedelius - Remixes:

A1. Puente (Peaking Lights Remix)
A2. Remember (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)

Harold Budd - Remixes:

A1. Mandan (patten Remix)

A2. Feral (Odd Nosdam Remix)

B1. Dark Star (Personable Remix)