All Purpose Voltage Heroes "Decorate Your Monster Shirt"

A utilitarian desire to do something with the Casio keyboards that singer Dan Poole possessed, for whatever reason, began this band. But an intensely good-natured creative desire must’ve really driven this group to keep it up. With the fervour of kids in cities that don’t make their fun for them, so they have to put it together themselves, APVH treat each of their songs as if they were their most precious offspring. They zip their way through low-end synth-fuelled surf pop songs, danceable Halloween punk, indie rock ballads, thrashy screamed numbers and even actually well-executed rapping, all with Poole’s voice securely traversing the difficult genre sway. And so, something really fun and cool really is happening in Edmonton. Add to all of this the polished and pro sound of the recording that was accomplished for just 50 friggin’ bucks in a damn parents’ basement, and things get even more impressive. Either we have some very talented, happy kids on our hands or there is some music-dad lurking in the background, prodding his spawn on to necessary success. Please APVH, tell me it’s the former! (Independent)