All Night Radio Spirit Stereo Frequency

With their new collaboration All Night Radio, Beachwood Sparks members Dave Scher and Jimi Hey indulge themselves in a full-on psychedelic country trip that their day jobs only allow them to flirt with. While Beachwood Sparks’ two full-lengths pay homage to the heady inception of country rock pioneered by the Band and the Sweetheart of the Rodeo-era styling of the Byrds, those albums really only hint at the fact that that era was preceded by a mind-altering "summer of love.” Effects-laden guitars and hazy vocals occasionally make their presence felt, but they are a subtle force in an essentially pure country mix. With All Night Radio, Scher and Hey abandon the B.S. blueprint and doggedly embrace most of the hallmarks of acid rock in creating the orchestral, Spirit Stereo Frequency. Songs such as "Daylight Till Dawn” and "Fall Down 7” are more Magical Mystery Tour than Sgt. Pepper’s and, on "We’re On Our Wave,” the Byrds are invoked again but this time it’s a nod to "Mr. Tambourine Man.” While the recent debut by the Unintended accomplishes a much more interesting blend of spooky-voiced, country rock, there’s still something altogether unique about the sounds captured by All Night Radio and when Sub Pop suggests that the music on Spirit Stereo Frequency is "coming in non-stop, on bandwidth signals from the sun,” we’re inclined to believe them. (Sub Pop)