Alkali Flats Outen the Light

Alkali Flats are a four-piece band from Philadelphia who play a mix of indie pop/rock not totally unlike the musical stylings of Pavement, Pinback or the Shins. Addictive hooks and delightful melodies are sprinkled throughout this EP, along with lead singer Steven Binnig's dreary tales of love gone wrong. Lyrically, he's certainly not treading any new ground or breaking new barriers. He's not nearly witty enough to pen lyrics like James Mercer, nor have the band achieved the same status as underground cult rockers Pavement, but they definitely show enough promise to keep themselves going. The rhythm section is noticeably strong, and the guitars pack a punch in all the songs. You won’t find any over-production or heavy distortion here — what you get is just clear, stripped-down honest rock’n’roll that gets the message across. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go and Alkali Flats are a shining example. (Bazaar Of All Nations)