Algodón Egipcio "Los Asuntos Pendientes (La Prueba B)" (Teen Daze Remix)

Algodón Egipcio 'Los Asuntos Pendientes (La Prueba B)' (Teen Daze Remix)
Last year, Lefse Records released the debut album by Venezuelan electronic pop songwriter Algodón Egipcio. Now, Egipcio and his label are revisiting those songs by releasing Los Remixes de La Lucha Constante on October 23. As the title indicates, this features reworked versions of the songs from the album.

Among the contributors is British Columbia dreamweaver Teen Daze, who took on the album cut "Los Asuntos Pendientes (La Prueba B)." Listen to that blissfully danceable track below.

Hear the original version of La Lucha Constante in full over at Bandcamp.