Alfie Word In Your Ear

With the release of last year's singles compilation, If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing, Manchester's Alfie came into their own after being known as Badly Drawn Boy's backing band. A Word In Your Ear is the band's debut album proper and continues the brand of chipper folk music they were critically acclaimed for. Very English, yet also filled with plenty of warm California spirit, the songs here dabble with psychedelia, pop, and experiment to bring a new element to the sometimes-droll genre of folk music. Like a cross between the Byrds and the Charlatans (mainly since singer Lee Gorton sounds almost exactly like Tim Burgess), Alfie incorporates such warm instruments as the flute, trumpet and trombone into their songs to make them feel even friendlier than Gorton's voice normally does. As with any Twisted Nerve release, A Word In Your Ear is a completely creative affair that moves all over the place. One minute it's as delicate as a feather ("A Word In Your Ear") and the next it picks up the pace and makes some noise ("Bends For 72 Miles"). A Word In Your Ear is a pleasant celebration and showcases some of the loveliest music you'll hear all year. (Twisted Nerve)