Alexisonfire Prep Aussie-Saluting Digital Single, Cover Midnight Oil, the Saints

Alexisonfire Prep Aussie-Saluting Digital Single, Cover Midnight Oil, the Saints
It's been a busy November for Alexisonfire followers. Earlier this month, the Ontario screamo kings delivered the devastatingly heavy Dog's Blood EP. And just this week, guitarist Wade MacNeil announced a punky new single from his side-project, Black Lungs. Apparently, the group think that isn't enough new material for fans to digest, which explains the announcement of yet another Alexisonfire single, to be released next week.

Technically the songs that make up the outfit's latest single have already been released, but only in a limited quantity. To prepare for their recent Australian tour, the act quickly recorded a couple cover songs by some classic Aussie bands for their fans Down Under on a seven-inch. The single featured Midnight Oil's "The Dead Heart" on the A-Side, while they took on the Saints' "I'm Stranded" on the flip.

"We love Australia and wanted to do something special," six-stringer Dallas Green said in a statement. "Midnight Oil is like the Australian Tragically Hip and, I mean, 'The Dead Heart' is a great song! Wade chose the Saint's cover. He loves early Australian punk."

Considering the vinyl was only pressed as a small run of 200 copies, it sold out almost immediately. Sensing that fans worldwide might want to hear the tunes, Alexisonfire have now bundled the package up digitally.

Alexisonfire's "The Dead Heart" single will be available via the Internet on Tuesday (November 22). Check out the original version of the song below. It's decidedly less screamy, for sure, but it still rocks hard after all these years.

Alexisonfire have a pile of Canadian dates lined up. You can see all those here