Alex Delivery Star Destroyer

Characterised by drawn-out jams and a thick, hazy atmosphere, the songs of New York’s Alex Delivery are easy to get lost in. Star Destroyer, their debut full-length, applies a healthy dose of Krautrock and prog to an indie-pop attention to songwriting, resulting in a sound that suggests influences as diverse as Can and the Fiery Furnaces. Clocking in over the ten-minute mark, opener "Komad” builds on a distorted melody before dissolving into a Chicago post-rock jam. Anchored by its faux string section and crackling noise, "Rainbow” is exactly three minutes long, a likely jab at the constraints of traditional pop music. Elsewhere, "Scotty” hides a circus-like shuffle under a thick blanket of rumbling drums and heavy reverb, while "Sheath-Wet” is a pleasant 11-minute instrumental. By allowing songs to develop organically and not limiting them to predictable genres, Alex Delivery demonstrate on Star Delivery a refreshing approach to pop music that gives every note room to breathe. (Jagjaguwar)