Alela Diane Returns with 'About Farewell'

Alela Diane Returns with 'About Farewell'
Folk musician Alela Diane's 2011 LP Wild Divine was delivered through Rough Trade, but the singer-songwriter will try something new this time around by issuing her next album on her own. Titled About Farewell, the LP arrives via Diane's Rusted Blue Records on June 25.

A press release notes that the album is quite personal and has Diane dealing with the aftermath of a recent divorce. The LP is further described as being an "eloquent goodbye to lovers from years past, coupled with some poignant last walks down memory lane."

Diane began tracking About Farewell at Portland, OR's Flora Recording Studios with John Askew at the end of 2011. Recording sessions wrapped late in 2012, with Diane and Askew mixing the LP earlier this year Scenic Burrows and Mix Foundry.

While built around Diane's vocals and "simple guitar arrangements," she had Heather Broderick (Horse Feathers, Efterklang, Loch Lomond) play piano and flute on some tracks, got Holcombe Waller to do some string arrangements, and had Neal Morgan (Joanna Newsom, Bill Callahan) play drums.

You can stream the set's "The Way We Fall" down below.

About Farewell:

1. Colorado Blue

2. About Farewell

3. The Way We Fall

4. Nothing I Can Do

5. Lost Land

6. I Thought I Knew

7. Before The Leaving

8. Hazel Street

9. Black Sheep

10. Rose & Thorn