Alberta's Ghost Throats Festival Announces 2012 Lineup

Alberta's Ghost Throats Festival Announces 2012 Lineup
Now in its fourth year, Edmonton post-hardcore festival Ghost Throats has continued to lead a convincing argument that Alberta is a hotbed for all things off-kilter, noisy and emotive. This year's event now looks even bigger, as the three-day fest has also expanded into Calgary.

On June 1 and 2, the festival will invade Edmonton's Inglewood Hall with both local and out-of-town bands, including appearances from Minuet, Brain Fever, Coalspur, Book of Caverns, Mouse Ear, Bandera and Animal Faces on the first day, while day two will feature Burn Collector, Detroit, Scrapbooker, Flint, Watcher, Lovers, Stalwart Sons, Shahman, Roanoke, Mahria and Damages.

Then, on June 3, the festival will head south to Calgary for two shows in one day. The afternoon event invades Broken City and sees appearances from Ringleader, Gnats, Coalspur, Watcher, Shahman, Mouse Ear and Roanoke. That will be followed by an evening show at Undermountain featuring Tel Fyr, Mahria, Lovers, Damages, Animal Faces and Bandera.

Tickets for the event will cost $15 per day in Edmonton or $20 for the Calgary event. If you're smart with your money, however, you can pay a mere $25 and enjoy all three days of the fest.

Tickets will be available soon at Strange City Records in Edmonton and Sloth Records in Calgary. Tickets will also be available online from Revolution Winter.

Stalwart Sons-Good Man from Andrew Benson on Vimeo.