Alan Moore Confirms Multimedia Project with Doseone, Fog, Mike Patton

Alan Moore Confirms Multimedia Project with Doseone, Fog, Mike Patton
Graphic novel scribe Alan Moore's work has already conquered the world of film, as his V for Vendetta, The Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and From Hell have all been turned into successful Hollywood movies, with or without his cooperation. Now, Moore is setting out to make his mark on the music industry.

We've already caught wind of his Unearthing project, a multimedia package that features the comic book guru narrating a semi-autobiographical story about a coworker over a score penned by Fog's Andrew Broder and experimental rapper Doseone.

The box set is set to drop on July 6 via Lex, Pitchfork reports. Broder and Doseone's soundtrack will also feature cameos by Mike Patton, Mogwai guitarist Stuart Braithwaite, Jesu/Godflesh singer Justin Broadrick and drummer Zach Hill.

The box set will include CD and vinyl versions of both the feature and the soundtrack. There will also be a copy of Moore's original script, as well as imagery by photographer/director Mitch Jenkins, who is currently working on a photo illustrated version of the project.

You can pre-order the package from Lex's website, which will set you back $77.

Expect to hear more details about Moore's planned takeover of the music industry soon, as he is currently working with Gorillaz on an opera about British astronomer/occultist/weirdo John Dee.