AJ Cornell and Tim Darcy "This Cafe (Is Not Anonymous Enough)"

AJ Cornell and Tim Darcy 'This Cafe (Is Not Anonymous Enough)'
As previously reported, Ought vocalist Tim Darcy teamed up with fellow Montreal music experimenter Andrea-Jane Cornell to deliver a new LP called Too Significant to Ignore. Though the duo's debut project lands March 18 through NNA Tapes, you can sample the squelching, "melancholic psychedelia" of spoken word piece "This Cafe (Is Not Anonymous Enough)" now through an exclusive stream with Exclaim!

As previously reported, Cornell prepped a tapestry of electronic drones above which Darcy reflects on "accelerated technological apathetic voyeurism, city life, regret, self-reflection, human disconnection, and the bleakness of modern sterility."

With this track in mind, warped digi-bells and mushed-up textures back the vocalist as he expresses disdain at being surrounded by java-slurping laptop jockeys. He also has it in for two dudes in Detroit Red Wings ball caps peering at an image of Christ.

You'll find the jarring character portrait down below.