Airbourne Runnin' Wild

Runnin’ Wild is one of those situations where a band wears influences on their sleeves so readily and happily that one cannot possibly condemn them for it. Brazenly revisiting High Voltage-era AC/DC via blues-based riffing, raspy vocals and flashy pentatonic solos, Australia’s Airbourne make no bones about coming from the same turf as their heroes. Factoring in slight elements of Judas Priest’s Hellbent For Leather years, this is bare-bones rock’n’roll that relishes high-energy, straightforward pacing. Runnin’ Wild doesn’t reinvent the wheel, nor does it purport to; it would rather pay homage to how well it already works. If the Darkness hadn’t have been such a running gag, they could have had the sincerity, respect and longevity of Airbourne. Then again, because they were, it has left room for these riff-rockers to pick up the slack and show us all what happens when the riffs don’t leave space for preening. (Roadrunner)