Air France EPs Collected For Compilation Release

Air France EPs Collected For Compilation Release
For those savvy listeners lucky enough to track down Air France’s No Way Down, they’ll know these tropically inclined Swedes are a shoe-in for some 2008 best-of action. Right now, the six-track EP easily stands as one of the year’s highlights, bringing together blissful pop watercolours, Avalanches-style textures and a whole lot of infectious listening. Well, now No Way Down is getting some new physical-release rendering.

After previously only being available through Tough Alliance’s Sincerely Yours label, Something in Construction will be releasing the EP November 13 in the UK, lessening the strain of import prices and adding on a few extra goodies in the process. The extras? Along with No Way Down, the reissue will contain Air France’s previous EP, On Trade Winds, bumping up the tracklisting to a commendable 10 tracks and further proving that it’s indeed the Swedes that do it better.

UK shop Rough Trade is already taking pre-orders for the release, and seeing how a North American version is seeming less and less likely, this may finally be your chance to own a nice, fancy "non-deletable” physical copy.

Here is what’s in store on the new No Way Down:

1. "Maundy Thursday”
2. "June Evenings”
3. "Collapsing at Your Doorstep”
4. "No Excuses”
5. "No Way Down”
6. "Windmill Wedding”
7. "Introduction”
8. "Karibien”
9. "beach party”
10. "never content”

Air France "Collapsing at Your Doorstep”