Air France "It Feels Good to Be Around You" (Memory Tapes remix)

Air France 'It Feels Good to Be Around You' (Memory Tapes remix)
Earlier this week we reported that short-lived Swedish electronic duo Air France had decided to end their run as a band without ever releasing a full-length debut. In tribute to the fallen act, New Jersey-based chillwaver Memory Tapes has released a remix of Air France's "It Feels Good to Be Around You."

Releasing the reworked tune on his blog, Memory Tapes mastermind Dayve Hawk included a farewell message for the duo: "Lots of sentimental talk floating around, but honestly I think of Henrik and Joel as possibly the funniest people i've ever met. miss u AF."

So, since we may not be hearing anything new from Air France, this seems like the next best thing.

Listen to Memory Tapes' version of "It Feels Good to Be Around You" below.