Agnostic Front/Discipline Working Class Heroes

Working Class Heroes isn’t your typical split album. Not only is it a live record but for those who missed the boat the first time around, it was recorded circa 2001, a time when Agnostic Front were in the midst of a very disturbing internal conflict, releasing some of their weakest material. Still, the disc’s re-release by I Scream is valid; it finds both purveyors of New York hardcore at their finest, performance-wise. AF deliver a veritable greatest hits package, hammering out "Gotta Go,” "Crucified,” "Last Warning” and "Believe” with such energy and vitality that their abominable pop punk efforts of that era are almost forgivable. Commanding attention during the second half of the album, Eindhoven’s Discipline provide an equally seamless performance that’s clearly inspired by their openers. Moreover, the sound quality is exceptionally clear, effectively capturing the spirit of the evening. Even with the plethora of live recordings available from each band, Working Class Heroes is almost vital for its adrenaline fix alone. (I Scream)