Against Me! Return to Fat Wreck for New Demo Collection

Against Me! Return to Fat Wreck for New Demo Collection
A couple of months ago, punkers Against Me! split from label Sire Records. While at first it seemed as if everything was hunky dory, singer Tom Gabel later said that their departure was due to some serious goof-ups on the label's part. Severing ties with the company, the band are now ready to release their first post-Sire set. Interestingly enough, the new record hearkens back to their pre-major label days.

Total Clarity, which will be released May 24, features old demo tracks that would eventually be re-recorded for 2005 record Searching for a Former Clarity. Much like the original album, this new collection will be released by Fat Wreck Chords.

This isn't the first time the group have tackled a rarities collection. The Original Cowboy, from 2009, presented demos that were later re-envisioned for 2003's As the Eternal Cowboy.

Total Clarity:

1. "Miami"

2. "The Shaker"

3. "Justin"

4. "Exhaustion & Disgust"

5. "Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners"

6. "The Energizer"

7. "Violence"

8. "The Mover"

9. "How Low"

10. "Joy"

11. "Holy Shit"

12. "Lost And Searching In America"

13. "Problems"

14. "Money Changes Everything"

15. "Total Clarity"