Against Me! Recording New LP with Butch Vig, Album to Drop in 2010

Against Me! Recording New LP with Butch Vig, Album to Drop in 2010
Punks - or, at least punks who don't hate Against Me! - unite: the band is in the studio recording the follow-up to 2007's New Wave. The guys are apparently hunkered down in Los Angeles right now with producer extraordinaire/guy with cool name Butch Vig (Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana).

Front-man Tom Gabel began writing the songs for this as-yet-untitled album over a year and a half ago, according to a recent press release, which goes on to say pre-production began in July and the band began tracking in mid-August. The disc is the first to feature new drummer George Rebelo, formerly of Hot Water Music and the Draft. Rebelo has some of the best drum fills in punk rock and always ends up leading a band's charge, so although we were sad to see old drummer Warren Oakes go, we're anxiously waiting to see what the new Rebelo-fuelled Against Me! will sound like.

The new album is expected to drop next year on Sire Records, and considering the guys toured for two straight years for their last disc, more relentless touring is expected for this one.

In related news, Gabel gave his label a quote for the press release that is so rote it actually made several of us at the Exclaim! office fall asleep as we were reading it. Check it out:

"New Wave was a great album to make, and now we want to show another side of the band. The new songs feel like a natural progression of where we should be at. Our intentions, as always, are to deliver the best record we can possibly make."

Yeesh, you'd expect a bit more insight than that.