Afrobeat Great Tony Allen Returns with 'The Source'

The album will feature Damon Albarn on the song "Cool Cats"
Afrobeat Great Tony Allen Returns with 'The Source'
Once again, Afrobeat great Tony Allen is set to twist up our minds with a new album of beautifully complex rhythms.

The drum hero's latest album is called The Source, and it will arrive on September 8 via esteemed jazz imprint Blue Note.

As Resident Adviser reports, the album will feature 11 tracks, as well as a big cast of guests. High among them is frequent Allen collaborator Damon Albarn, who is featured on the song "Cool Cats."

Also included on the album are Yann Jankielewicz (saxophone), Rémi Sciuto (saxophone), Vincent Taurelle (keyboard), Daniel Zimmermann (trombone) and Mathias Allamane (double bass).

At this point, no song samples The Source have arrived.