Adult Swim Nabs Boris, Jesu, Torche for Free Metal Swim Comp

Adult Swim Nabs Boris, Jesu, Torche for Free <i>Metal Swim</i> Comp
Courtesy of Zakk Wylde and Mastodon guest spots on the long-running absurdist comedy Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and of course, its ties to the almighty Dethklok of Metalocalypse fame, non-sequitur embracing animation block Adult Swim has been tight with the metal scene for years. It's only natural, then, that the company's latest free online compilation, fittingly titled Metal Swim, celebrates the idea of throwing your devil horns way up in the air while whipping your flaxen mane like you just don't care.

The download-only set cherry-picks a host rare, unreleased tracks and B-sides from the likes of heavy-hitting favourites such as Kylesa, Boris, Torche, Jesu and Pelican.

A press release from speedy thrash titans Skeletonwitch, whose "Bringers of Death" was recently shot as a video by the animation company, praised Adult Swim for backing the metal scene and also for, uh, bringing the brewskies to the shoot.

"The good people at Adult Swim kept a cooler full of Budweiser for us at the shoot, but what we remember of it was a blast! Heavy metal is indeed still the law... And it is still fucking fun!" the stoked statement reads.

Whip yourself into a god damn frenzy by downloading Metal Swim here.

Metal Swim:

1. Death Angel - "Truce"

2. Skeletonwitch - "Bringers of Death"

3. Torche - "Arrowhead"
4. Ludicra - "Path of Ash"

5. Kylesa - "Forsaken"

6. Black Tusk - "Fatal Kiss"

7. Red Fang - "Hank Is Dead"
8. Black Cobra - "Frozen Night"
9. Saviours - "Dixie Dieway"

10. Witch Mountain - "Veil of the Forgotten"
11. Isis - "Pliable Foe"
12. Jesu - "Dethroned"
13. Pelican - "Inch Above Sand"

14. Zoroaster - "Witch Hammer"
15. Withered - "Extinguished With the Misery"

16. Boris - "Luna"