Adaline Details Sophomore LP 'Modern Romantics'

Adaline Details Sophomore LP 'Modern Romantics'
Last year, when 604 Records unveiled its indie-oriented spinoff Light Organ Records, we noted that the label's signings included piano-pop songstress Adaline. Now, the Vancouver singer (currently based out of Toronto) is gearing up to release her sophomore album through the label. Entitled Modern Romantics, it will be out November 1.

The disc was largely produced by Hawksley Workman, with additional tracks helmed by Marten Tromm (Buck 65, Hawksley Workman) and Tino Zolfo (soulDecision). According to a press release, the results are "invested with the depth and imagination you only ever get from high-end, ultra-talented music nerds."

The disc reportedly boasts "meticulously layered percussion and noise" and "near Judy Garland levels of melodrama."

Nine of the 12 tracks were recorded during a four-week session at Toronto's Canterbury Studio with Workman, who also played on the tracks.

"I wanted it to sound world class," Adaline said. "A lot of people seem to be doing these very chill, laid-back, organic records, and I kinda wanted to be a little more aggressive in terms of the sounds and production."

To sample this sound, download the "Metric-gone-industrial" cut "Wasted Time" here.

Modern Romantics:

1. "That's What You Do Best"
2. "The Noise"
3. "Keep Me High"
4. "Wasted Time"
5. "Rebels of Love"
6. "Say Goodbye (I Won't Even)"
7. "Cost Is Too High (Not to Love)"
8. "Sparks"
9. "Lovers Collide"
10. "Silent Player"
11. "Stereo"
12. "Heartache"