Active Child Announces Debut LP

Active Child Announces Debut LP
Following last year's dreamy, R&B-influenced, minimalist electro EP, Curtis Lane, Pat Grossi, aka Active Child, is back with his full-length debut, You Are All I See. The harpist-turned-soundscaper has hooked up with Vagrant Records to release the disc August 23.

According to a press release, the ten-song set features gauzy, 80s-tinged synths, "punctuated by crisp electronic drum samples and handclaps." While first single "Playing House," which you can stream here or below, hones in on lo-fi R&B singer How to Dress Well's deep, resonating warble, the bulk of the collection deals with Grossi's ethereal falsetto.

The PR goes on to describe Grossi's vocals as having an "enchanting, hymnal quality that would not be out of place amongst the richly colored sunlight of a church's stained-glass interior." Sounds heavenly.

You Are All I See:

1. "You Are All I See"

2. "Hanging On"

3. "Playing House" (ft. How To Dress Well)

4. "See Thru Eyes"

5. "High Priestess"

6. "Call Me Tonight"

7. "Way Too Fast"

8. "Ancient Eye"

9. "Shield & Sword"

10. "Johnny Belinda"

Active Child - Playing House (Ft. How To Dress Well) by VagrantRecords