The Acorn & Catriona Sturton "Snowsuit Sound"

The Acorn & Catriona Sturton 'Snowsuit Sound'
It's about time someone organized a Sloan (pictured) tribute album and kudos to the folks at Gooseberry Records for finally getting on with it. Due out November 24th as a digital download on, the double-album Take it In: A Tribute to Sloan features a pretty stacked line-up and the first inkling of the whole package has arrived in this dizzying digi home-rock take on "Snowsuit Sounds" spearheaded by the Acorn's Rolf Klausener and former Plumtree member, Catriona Sturton.

In a sense, the duo maintains the original's thoughtful pop-song arrangements and instrumentation but add vaguely electro-rock elements as well. They also recall some of the grit that gave early Sloan releases like Peppermint and Smeared a certain distorted edge. Pulsing and energetic, this version of "Snowsuit Sound" captures Sloan rather well, re-imagining their transition from alt-rock tricksters to contemporary pop masterminds, as though they got trapped somewhere in the middle.

Listen to The Acorn and Catriona Sturton cover Sloan's "Snowsuit Sound" here.