Acid House Kings "Would You Say Stop?"

Acid House Kings 'Would You Say Stop?'
Swedish popsters Acid House Kings weren't lying when they said their new album would be "sharper, catchier and livelier" than ever before. "Would You Say Stop?", the latest song to be leaked off their impending Music Sounds Better with You, is as cheery as the sun is bright, sparkling like a Belle and Sebastian number jazzed up by the peppy kids from Glee.

As promised of the whole album, the song features the click-clacking of castanets throughout its giddy verses. Rather than settle into a flamenco motif, though, the busy percussive work bounces along with the '60s AM bubblegum beat.

You can download the bubby track here.

As previously reported, Music Sounds Better with You comes out March 22 via Labrador.