Acid Drinkers Acid Drinkers - 15 Screwed Years

Apparently something of a sensation in their homeland, Poland's Acid Drinkers are celebrating 15 years of never being heard by these ears with this cool DVD release. The highlight is easily the collection of the band's hilarious video clips; kind of like Gwar without the blood and costumes, the band's punk metal tunes play a backseat to the hilarious visuals. Although combining the lyrics of "Proud Mary" and the music of "Roots Bloody Roots" is damn near ingenious, it's still hard to sit through most of this unless armed with a few cold ones and some pals ready to laugh the night away. But repeat listens/viewings? Nah. Again, Metal Mind has done a great job as far as visual quality, menu navigation and giving value for dollar, in terms of extras and packaging. Fans of the band will be thrilled. (Metal Mind,