AC/DC AC/DC - Family Jewels

As David Fricke perfectly sums up in his liner notes, "Some things in rock'n'roll never change. Some things never should," it doesn't really matter how AC/DC presents itself because, like the Ramones, they are one of the few bands who stumbled upon rock's magic formula. So why not just put out a collection of all their TV and video clips? There's no point saying how cool that would be, as anyone who was raised on images of Angus Young's sweaty head-banging could attest. But what makes Family Jewels worth the price is an entire disc of rarely seen performances with original lead singer Bon Scott, spanning from their earliest madcap Australian TV appearances to Highway To Hell clips shot only a week before his death. From these, it's easy to see how he became the model for every high school dope dealer, making the second disc of the more familiar Brian Johnson videos a bit of a letdown. Still, no one can ever get enough of the cannons on "For Those About To Rock," or simply marvel at how AC/DC, like all essential artists, have continually re-written the same song for 30 years. (Epic)