Abyssal Throne / From Ruins / Drowned In Viscera The Reverb, Toronto ON March 4

Abyssal Throne / From Ruins / Drowned In Viscera The Reverb, Toronto ON March 4
"Weekdays are wardays" was advertised on the show's flyer and this Wednesday night in Toronto was definitely a "warday," as three brutal bands delivered a blitzkrieg of intense extreme metal.

Drowned In Viscera, a five-piece grindcore band, opened the show. The band's grind style mixed with a progressive metal atmosphere was impressive and set the bar high for the following bands. But this bar was easily surpassed by Scarborough, ON's death metal youngsters in From Ruins. As soon as the band kicked into their first tune of the night "Taste of Devastation," the room resonated with their forceful sound.

In true death metal style, From Ruins played a set filled with their extremely brutal metal, including "Brain Stained Hammer," "Mutilated" and "Ritual of Sacrifice." Sebastian Biega's vocals were strong and ominous throughout their set. His guitar work, along with that of fellow guitarist David Muir, was both heavy and intricate, which showcased how musically proficient this young band are.

Not only did From Ruins display intense musicianship, but they also radiated a sense of passion for what they do, which seems to be pushed to the back burner in today's underground metal scene.

Last, but not least, was Toronto, ON's Abyssal Throne. With a sound of intense vicious death metal, the Suffocation/Decapitated-inspired band were on top of their game from beginning to end. Tim Gordon's intense aggressive vocals were unwavering as the band began with their tune "Empyrean Ashes," and as their set progressed, the songs became even more fast and brutal.

The highly skilled guitar work by Frankie Caracci as well as Cameron Warrack's fast and impeccable drumming were Abyssal Throne's key elements of the night. Overall, the band's set, which included the severe tunes "Spawning Madness" and "Godhead Abolished," was as unrelentingly heavy and brutal as all great death metal should be.