Abdullah Graveyard Poetry

Step into the time machine and groove back to the ’70s with Abdullah. Less goodtime stoner and more sombre doom metal than most of MeteorCity's bands, Abdullah harnesses the energy of Sabbath and dips into some NWOBHM sounds on this classy full-length. But there's something more vital here than most retro-Sab outfits — this stuff oozes with sincerity and desperation, the same vibe that made the aforementioned genres so compelling. It's a real trip through the mud and muck of the underbelly of bad moods, although not without a fair chunk of upbeat rockers (although they also sound depressing). Graveyard Poetry isn't for everyone, as the slightly muddy production and excessive playing time alone are enough to send most casual listeners running away, not to mention the whole "been there, done that” vibe bands doing this inevitably let off. But those into the more introspective side of doom and want it delivered with an organic feel and a good chunk of personality should tune in to Graveyard Poetry. (Meteorcity)