Aaron Wrixon The Year Of Longing Dangerously

The info on this third release from the Vancouver-born, now Toronto-based, Wrixon warns that it’s a concept album, but in actuality it amounts to an 11-song letter to an unrequited lover. That may sound a little tough to take, but Wrixon is too clever and has too much of a sense of humour to simply subject listeners to 45 minutes of self pity (yeah, I’m looking at you Ryan Adams). Wrixon’s Dark Lady is the fictional Charity, a socialite who won’t stoop to spending time with someone of Wrixon’s low stature. While several of the songs are overt come-ons ("You Should Be With Me, Pts 1 & 2,” "Hey Beautiful”), most of the time Wrixon argues with himself over why he’s infatuated in the first place. These mood swings are accentuated by fine backing from his versatile band and intimate production from Hamilton singer-songwriter Rob Lamothe. All in all, a charming concept that’s pulled off successfully. Does he get the girl? Well, you’ll just have to hear for yourself. (Almavale)