UK Band Inhaler Say Their Name Was Stolen by Bono's Son

UK Band Inhaler Say Their Name Was Stolen by Bono's Son
U2 changed their band name a few times before becoming the rock group we know today, though they were never called out for taking the name of another act. Now, an English rock band have claimed that Bono's son has done exactly that in naming a group of his own.

As the Hertfordshire Mercury reports, Hertford four-piece Inhaler were alerted to Bono's son, Eli Hewson, and his group using the name after an Irish media outlet had used a picture of the UK outfit in a story, as opposed to Hewson's. The UK band allege they had chosen the name in 2014, performing live for the first time in 2015.

"It is dispiriting. We set up the band in 2014, and we had our first gig in 2015 as Inhaler," the quartet's Luca Centro told the Mercury. "We started gigging and everything, and we collected an online following. Now if you Google search the band you come up with their band."

Centro told the Mercury that the UK Inhaler then brought the issue to the attention of their Instagram followers, saying "something like this is our name, it's our picture, and we don't care if you are Bono's son."

Centro added that Noel Gallagher's daughter then reached out to tell them to "get a life about it," proving that pot-stirring runs in the family.

At present, the UK Inhaler have posted the Mercury's headline to their band's Instagram page, quoting 2Pac's "Hit 'Em Up" for some additional posturing in what is — by all accounts — some low-stakes beef.

Inhaler was also the name of a Vancouver hardcore outfit that featured Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn behind the kit. That band had been performing since 2011, recording a self-titled disc in 2010 that saw the light of day in 2016.

Hewson's Irish Inhaler did not respond to the Mercury's request for comment. Let's hope the lads can sort it all out before either group hits the big time.