A Tribe Called Red Get Haviah Mighty and Odario for "Ba Na Na"

The vocalists celebrate Toronto's Caribana Festival in a new video

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 31, 2019

After rolling out their "Ba Na Na" single with Haviah Mighty, Odario and Chippewa Travellers back in August, A Tribe Called Red have now given the song the visual treatment.

Directed by Jon Riera and Aidan Shipley, the clip follows the Grand Analog frontman and 2019 Polaris Music Prize winner, strangers to one another until the power of Toronto's Caribana Festival brings them together in celebration.

"This song is about the pure enjoyment of dancing and getting sweaty... but this is not without a purpose," ATCR's Bear Witness explained in a statement. "This song is for the people who are working hard to make the world a better place than the one they were left with. This is for the fighters and the defenders. Part of being strong is also taking the time to stop, let go and release. Our DNA is of earth and sky."

Haviah Mighty added, "For me, I think something that culturally brings us all together is the vibes of Caribana. That carnival vibe; that fun, free-spirited, get together vibe; the energy, the floats, the parade. It's kind of collective national pride and it's something that the track gave in the production of itself."

A Tribe Called Red are touring Europe throughout November. Find their itinerary here.

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