A-Team Who Framed The A-Team?

It's no coincidence that Abstract Rude and Aceyalone are West Coast underground legends, having contributed heavily to the West Coast mentality for experimental flows. Their newest release, as A.B. Baracus and Acey the Faceman, is a solid collection of songs they have recorded from 1994 to present. Despite songs that are six years old, the album works as a whole with little to indicate musically when each song was recorded. However, it's the newer songs that bring the album together as a complete package, with the A-Team theme running throughout. While the album is set up on the first track with "Who Framed The A-Team?" it doesn't really start slamming until the third track, "Like That Like This." From that point on there are no real low points, with the possible exception of "O.G. Crew (Heavywieghts Round 3)," a posse cut filled with fantastic MC ability from Ab Rude, Acey, Volume 10, DK Toon, Mikah 9, P.E.A.C.E., Djinji Brown and Ganjah K. What holds the song back is the nine-minute length, much too long for a beat that doesn't really change. Still, Who Framed The A-Team? is a fabulous album that should demonstrate to a whole new set of fans the skills that these "rap commandos" have long wielded on the West Coast underground. I love it when a plan comes together! (Mean St.)