A Place to Bury Strangers Announce New 'Hologram' EP

Watch a video for its "End of the Night"
A Place to Bury Strangers Announce New 'Hologram' EP
A Place to Bury Strangers have seemingly settled into a three-year groove. Three years from delivering their Transfixation LP, they released a new album called Pinned. Now, three years from then, they've announced a new EP called Hologram.

The five-song EP will arrive on July 16 via Dedstrange, a new label run by the band's Oliver Ackermann. The release is the band's first with a new lineup, which sees Ackermann joined by John and Sandra Fedowitz. John and Oliver had previously played together in the pre-Strangers band Skywave.

Right now, you check out the EP's newly shared track "End of the Night," which has arrived alongside a video.

"'End of the Night' is the first written in collaboration with either of the new band members," Ackermann said in a press release. "John sent me the drum track and challenged me to write a song over it. It sort of came about as a strange stream of consciousness and unknowingly became about the end of the former band and the beginning of the new one.

"Each layer of the song stripping away the dead skin from the old and regrowing layer and layer of distortion of the new band. It's great to be working again with John Fedowitz. I feel like our songwriting styles shot off in different directions from our earlier band Skywave only to come back to the table with different experiences to create something special again."


1. End Of The Night
2. I Might Have
3. Playing The Part
4. In My Hive
5. I Need You

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